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Macrame Doll - 01

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Product Description

Let yourself be captivated by our stylish Macrame dolls made with great care and imagination! A handcrafted work of art that brings the magic of macramé into your life. These adorable dolls is the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and creativity, adding a unique touch of charm to any space. Hang them in living room, bedroom, kids room - instant modern style is guaranteed! Charming gift to your loved ones or to yourself

Due to the delicate nature and small parts of the dolls,they are intended for decoration purposes only and are not toys.

♡ Colors:They come in a variety of fun colors

♡ Size:They are approx 4 - 6 inches long 

♡ Material: 100% cotton macrame, wood bead

* Each doll is handcrafted, there may be slight variations in size and appearance, making each one unique!

*We do our best to showcase our products as accurately as possible in our photos and descriptions.